Citizen/Sorority Noise/Great Grandpa @ TLA (10/27/17)

by Chris DeFlitch


Going to concerts is my thing. And I love when a damn good one reminds me why I continue to go to them. For some strange reason, Citizen shows exemplify that.

The Michigan natives brought their soured pop-punk to the marquee-centered Theatre of the Living Arts, along with (pretty much) hometowners Sorority Noise and the zippy Great Grandpa.

As to expect, Great Grandpa’s kinetic power-punk jams swept through the space with easy, only split with a crowdgoer yelling “You’re really good at music”. The band said it was the nicest think they’ve ever heard someone shout at them. It was lovely.

The mood shifted brass as Sorority Noise stormed on stage. Veterans to performances at TLA (and as Citizen’s tour mates), the stage was all too familiar to the bands as guitarist Adam "Scuff" Ackerman swung his boldly white Explorer around. Thrashing it around to Cameron Boucher’s self-reflective depressed bangers, it was just as loud and sad as it always is and always should be.

Citizen’s set was just as packed and wild as you’d hope to be. As the set sprinkled Youth and Everybody is Going to Heaven between a robust fuzzed-out sound, pits opened, crowds were surfed, and lyrics were screamed. It brings me back to Warped Tour, as I surfed those very crowds for the first time. It was a grand reminder where guitar music is going, especially to the introspective head bangers those sad kids like to call “emo”.

And absolutely I’m included in that group.

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Chris DeFlitch