Daisy Abrams plugs music other than her own EP Stay Open - now on most streaming platforms (List Week 2017)


Favorite Records of the Year

Pleasure by Feist 

This stripped-down album is exactly the refreshing dose of soul that 2017 has been begging for. Leslie Feist's voice doesn't need any backing, but the understated instrumentation fits so nicely with her sound.  I highly recommend checking it out. I've cried a solid 58 times to "I Wish I Didn't Miss You". 

What Now by Sylvan Esso 

I've always loved Sylvan Esso's music so I was a little nervous to listen to their newest album because I fear disappointment. It's so good though. It's a great shower album. What? 

Beast Epic by Iron & Wine 

It's Iron & Wine; do I even have to say anything else? "Our Light Miles" is definitely my favorite. That's all I'm gonna say... Who am I talking to? Does anyone even read this? 

Planetarium by James McAlister 

You are WELCOME! This collaborative project featuring James McAlister, SUFJAN STEVENS, and Nico Muhly will make you feel connected af to the Universe, or at least take up 20 minutes of your time. I advocate for the former. 

Turn Out the Lights by Julien Baker

The best music is the kind that makes vulnerability the most normal and okay phenomenon. Julien Baker is so amazing and this album will make you cry and breathe a little deeper. Every single song is a work of art. Trust me!

Favorite Songs of the Year

1/2. "Sour Breath" and "Appointments"  by Julien Baker (both from Turn Out the Lights)

3. "The Hidden River of My Life" by Sufjan Stevens (from The Greatest Gift)

4. "Until I See You Again" by Ollie MN (from Until I See You Again - Single)

5/6. "Bobby" and "Powerful Man" by  (Sandy) Alex G (from Rocket)

7. "In the Blood" by John Mayer (from The Search for Everything)

8. "Silver and Gold" by Mree (from Mree - EP)

9. "I Saw You Close Your Eyes" by Local Natives (from I Saw You CLose Your Eyes - Single )

10. "Forest" by Rogue Wave (from Forest - Single)

Chris DeFlitch