Dylan Eddinger puts down his camera to talk his favorites from the year (List Week 2017)


Favorite Records of the Year


Waiting on a Song by Dan Auerbach, The Search for Everything by John Mayer, 1 (646) 943 2672 - EP by Del Water Gap, Tangerine by Honey Tiger

5. Gone Now by Bleachers

If you haven’t heard of frontman Jack Antonoff of the New Jersey pop-rock band Bleachers before 2017, there’s no way you avoided his name this year. This new album is packed full of catchy, relatable lyrics and rhythms that will make you want to dance and sing. I appreciate an album that reprises of early tracks onto the later tracks. This album at its heart is a feel-good musical ballad with heavy New-Jersey/Springsteen influences. Favorite tracks on the album include the single “Don’t Take the Money” “Good Morning” and the epic sing-along “Miss those days”.

4. Now That The Light Is Fading - EP by Maggie Rogers

This girl is probably one of my favorite discoveries of 2017. For those who are unaware, Maggie Rogers is only 23 years old and finishing her masters program in music at NYU. Her five song EP is a quick listen of deep tracks featuring her unique voice and beats you can vibe with. I find myself spinning this EP for occasions other than just relaxing. I had the pleasure of seeing her perform at the 2017 Firefly Music festival. Favorite tracks on this album include the hit “On and Off” “Alaska” and “Better”.

3. The Attractions Of Youth by Barns Courtney

If you’re into new age rock and roll, Barns Courtney is going to be your new favorite guy. The Attractions Of Youth is an expression of Courtney’s talent to compose catchy guitar riffs and lyrics that are both fun and significant to life. His energetic and very engaged stage presence of Reminds me somewhat of Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters. This album will take you on a journey starting with some heavy jams at the start to deeper slower tracks at the end with some surprises in between. Favorites on this albums include “Hands” “Golden Dandelions” “Little Boy” and “Kicks”

2. Rope’s Wing - EP by Bucolic

I know Emily and I shared a lot of favorite albums this year, you can find most of my other picks on her post here. I also must put in my love for this EP. Seth Carpenter of Bucolic put on an unforgettable performance at the Green House on 12/2 (you can find photos under the media tab). Rope’s Wing reels me right away in with “Daisy”. The beautiful experimental sounds paired with Carpenter’s voice….. Did I mention he does this all by himself? All the more reason why this EP lands a spot on my top 5.

1. Abandoned Mansion by Dr. Dog

This is the alternative indie folk rock album I needed this year. Screw the Lumineers, the Philly boys of Dr. Dog put out an amazing record this year. This actually was literally a surprise, because they did not even publicize the announcement of a new album. It hopped up on their Bandcamp the first month of the year and money raised on downloads was donated to poverty charity. I found myself spinning this record more than any other this year, and I encourage you to grab a copy or stream it as well. Favorites include all of the songs, but to someone who hasn’t heard it, check out “Ladada” “Jim’s Song” “Survive” and “Could’ve happened to me”.

Favorite Songs of the Year


1. "Checkpoints" by Dry Reef (from Checkpoints A/B - Single)

2. "Drummer Boy" by Misterwives (from Connect The Dots)

3. "Goodmorning" by Bleachers (from Gone Now)

4. "Friendship (Is a Small Boat in a Storm)" by Chicano Batman (from Freedom Is Free)

5. "Moving on and Getting Over" by John Mayor (from The Search for Everything)

6. "63 Days" by Atlas Genius (from 63 Days - Single)

7. "Remember That Night" by Grouplove (from Big Mess)

8. "Little Boy" by Barns Courtney (from The Attractions of Youth)

9. "Obsession" by VICE ft. Jon Bellion (from Obsession (ft. Jon Bellion) - Single)

10. "Mexican Fender" by Weezer (from Pacific Daydream)

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