Cara Smith watched Mom Jeans. and Just Friends celebrate Halloween with an emotionally charged, socially relevant show at Union Transfer

Mom Jeans., courtesy of Facebook

Mom Jeans., courtesy of Facebook

In a particularly spooky show, Mom Jeans. and Just Friends rocked their first concert at Union Transfer on Halloween, playing fan favorites from their most recent albums. Dressed in elaborate costumes, fans moshed, sang, and danced to the pure emo rock.  

Just Friends delivered a show stealing performance complete with a blasting brass section raging rebellious rap rock, and an unmatched stage presence. Sam Kless kicked off the Just Friends set by bringing up the classic Wawa vs. Sheets debate, right before jumping into their song Supersonic from their album Nothing But Love. With an extremely tight instrumentation from all members of the band, their perfect medley of punk, brass, hip hop, and funk rocked the crowd.

While Just Friends brought energy and intensity to the stage, the headliner Mom Jeans. sought emotion that immersed the audience. Each song’s opening guitar riff sparked loud applause and cheering. Everywhere you turned there was a emotional fan belting out every lyric. Of course, ‘dad jokes’ were told to the crowd while the band tuned their guitars for their next song.

Both bands seamlessly intertwined relevant conversations about privilege with their spectacular performances. The artists made sure to encourage the audience to vote in the midterms while they touched on current issues of anti-semitism and sexual assault.

Mom Jeans. and Just Friends was everything you would hope to experience in a concert: expressive, wild, and an overall incredible experience. If you haven’t heard these bands play, you’re seriously missing out.

Emily HerbeinComment