Porches brings The House to Union Transfer, kicking off their newest US tour

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Grinning that all-encompassing grin of excitement and pure terror, Porches kicked off their US tour at Union Transfer, debuting live songs from their newest record The House. Porches is puppeteered by multi-instrumentalist Aaron Maine, crafting their 3 full lengths to jump around folk, indie pop, and introspective storytelling to grand effect.

Kicking off the night was the solo project of Ned Russin, aptly named Glitterer. His electro-pop, bass driven backing track was the sole accompaniment, blending in with his trademark deadpan scream-along lyrics perfected in Title Fight to a fun, slightly synthetic effect. Shifting gears to Girl Ray found more influenced indie pop, taking advantage of a slightly down pitched dynamic to produce hip-bobbing rockabilly-touched tunes.

Aaron and the Gang made their way on stage with anticipation at its peak, bursting right into one of the many standout tracks from The House, “Now the Water”. Extremely tight instrumentation from all members of the band perfectly complemented Maine’s soft boy crooning, exacerbated by staples “Mood” and “Find Me”. Porches’ signature groove was truly apparent, especially by the times the crowd looked like a singular ocean, waving with rhythm and leaving Maine in a state of awe and thankfulness (proven by his adorable soft-spoken praises and ‘thank yous’ throughout the set).

As an extra special treat, lo-fi prince Alex G made a special appearance, singing backing vocals to beautiful effect (as we expected anything less). Philly seemed to be the ideal place for the band to kick off their tour, confirmed by the roar of the crowd singing along to his finale “Headsgiving”, and the cheers that seemed to last a lifetime. Porches live was everything you hoped to experience; well-versed, expressive, and just so freaking good. The House is out now on Domino Records, and if you haven’t given it a spin, boy you’re missing out on some of the most diverse electro-pop in years.

Full gallery below (photos by Chris DeFlitch)

Chris DeFlitch