Have you checked out Hozier's new album? by Chris Armenti


With an enticing album out March 1st, we have a lot of good bops to expect from Hozier. Longtime fans will remember how it felt when he released ‘Hozier’ in 2014. Then came ‘Nina Cried Power’ in 2018, and here we are, getting the first album in four years.  

It felt amazing.

I bought his ‘Hozier’ album when I was 16, and it is really impressive how he only seems to be going up. His newest album, ‘Wasteland, Baby!’ is looking like a really ballad- style format, which i'm more than happy to hear more of, since he rocks that with his blues/ rock voice type. Fans got a taste of what to expect in this album from his fantastic EP ‘ Nina Cried Power’. A new fierce gospel vibe can be heard in ‘Nina Cried Power’, and it certainly made its comeback in ‘Wasteland, Baby!’. Additionally, a look into the Genius-provided lyrics shows that fans can expect deep, emotional songs about spirituality and love. With that, I hope that the album will get good reviews.

Emily HerbeinComment