U Want the Scoop? The Garden will probably take over the world very soon

by Chris DeFlitch

Ever wanted to know what a 2018 boy band is? Well, you could go one of two ways: BROCKHAMPTON's brand of wildin' out hip-hop, or the weird and wonderful world of the Shear twins, known to the world as The Garden. The duo made their Philly stop on their "Might Steal Your Charm" tour, supporting their newest record of the same name. But let's be honest, them boys have all the charm they need. 

Kicking off the night were Cowgirl Clue and Tijuana Panthers, both of which tell the construction of The Garden's "vada vada" sound. Cowgirl Clue brought the quirky, outsider electronica, while Tijuana Panthers grooved their way through a set of garage rock "gone to the beach", plucking those Burger Records riffs like there as no tomorrow. Mix these artists up in a bowl with a dose of self-doubt and paranoia, you've got yourself The Garden (salad, sorry).

The duo wasted no time jumping up on stage, almost instantly exploding the room with "U Want the Scoop?". From there on, there were no rules. Fletcher Shears tore up the skins, manically filling any silence with drum fills and off-kilter samples of Street Fighter (I think?). Closer to the crowd, his brother Wyatt ripped lick after lick of that sweet bass, jumping between the poppier "Call the Dogs Out" to the acid trip that is "Make a Wish". The crowd itself was nothing short of spectacular, staying as active as the kids on stage (and some even got to jump off of it as well). It all came to a head with the encore performance of "Egg" and "Vada Vada", two fan favorites that seem to break time, space, and whoever was unlucky enough to get a face full of stagediver. 

Photo Apr 17, 8 55 47 PM.jpg

Both of the Shears' goofball, "screw it" attitudes reflected on stage (and in their music) is something the "scene" lacks today. It's extremely hard for an artist to have fun while also seriously presenting their art, but The Garden does it in a way that freaking works.

Vada Vada for life. 

Check out the full gallery from the show below (pics by Chris DeFlitch)

Chris DeFlitch