Walk the Moon and Company of Thieves champion a city's celebration at the Fillmore


















Walk the Moon

Lit in that ornithological green that powered the city, The Fillmore played host to Walk the Moon’s Press Restart tour featuring special guests Company of Thieves. The city was already booming from the bird’s two touchdown lead heading into the half, so naturally, that energy transferred itself into a raging vigor that these bands survive off.

 Taking a quick break from the game, the Foles-repping fans turned their attention to Company of Thieves, Chicago-based indie rockers with a whole lot of spunk. Frontwoman Genevieve Schatz took her Lynn Gunn swagger up to 11, her bopping confidence shining in song after song. With the band reuniting back in May, you could clearly see how much they’ve missed the stage. Too many grins were exchanged between each of them, with a look in their eyes that says “Damn, this is fun. Let’s keep on doing this”.

















Company of Thieves

Intermission came with more and more Speak-and-Spell chants for the hometown team, anticipating stamping that covenant Sunday ticket. That anxiety burst when the main attraction emerged to the Lion King’s “Circle of Life” to laughter and wonder. Dazzling light spectacles accompanied the Ohio boys, as they burst out with the title track to Press Restart (the band’s newest caffeinated record), effortlessly mixing it with tracks from their past discography like “Portugal”, “Shiver, Shiver”, and more. The climax of the night came with frontman Nicholas Petricca pausing to share the wonderful news; “Congrats Philly, you’re headed to the Super Bowl”. And my God did the room shake, electrified with caws and flaps. The night continued in its celebratory nature, with the band announcing their newest hit single “One Foot” reached the top of the alternative charts, followed by a powerful performance. Bleeding into final songs of the newest “Headphones” (mixed with Led’s “Kashmir” to a dynamic effect) and the favorite “Anna Sun”, the band left the stage buzzing with spirit.

Further solidifying the band’s staying power in the alternative scene’s constant evolution, Walk the Moon proved that their catchy, powerful pop tunes can control a room, the radio, and a city damn ready to party.

Check out our full gallery from the show below (photos by Dylan Eddinger + Chris DeFlitch)






Chris DeFlitch